Madurai Land of Historical Monuments


Madurai, The land of rich cultural and heritage the birth of Madurai is dated back in 300BC, The existence of the city is written by Roman historian and lawyer Pliny the younger and Ptolemy on their books,  
While we are talk about Madurai the very first thing strikes our mind is the famous grand Madurai Meenakshi temple, situated on the bank of Vaigai river,  the city is developed around the temple in the form of lotus, The existence of the temple are dated in 7th century AD, and most the structures what we today was reconstructed in 1623 to 1655 by the Nayak ruler, Madurai kingdom was ruled, captured and recaptured by various kings and dynasties,

 During 14th century, dispute among the pandyas over the thrown, weakened the kingdom taking advantage of the situation Delhi sultan Alauddin Khilji dispatched Malik Kafur and his army.

Malik Kafur a slave general in Alauddin khilji’s army led a series of successful battle against Yadavas, Kakatiyas, Hoysalas, along his way he plundered treasures, ravaging the city, suppressing Hindu worships and temples, killing & capturing innocents men and women. The message of his army marching towards Madurai was confirmed, knowing the consequences the five supreme priest who worshiped lord Meenakshi every day planned to save at least the sanctum of the temple, therefore they built a wall closing the main sanctum and replicated the Idol and jewels, Malik kafur as determined destroyed the replicated sanctum built by five priest, and the secret of the main sanctum was kept among the five priest all their life. 
After 48 years the Madurai was recaptured and reconstruction of Madurai temple was begun,  four priest had already passed away, it is when the last of the five supreme priest disclosed the secret about the main sanctum to the king,  when the wall was taken down the city astound to surprised, and it is believed and said in various books that the lamp in the main sanctum was lit and smelled fresh and sandalwood just exactly like day it was closed 

Believe it or not

I know, Scientifically it is hard to believe, but remember every invention of science is belief of some one The root of every scientific invention what we see today is Belief. 

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