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Didn’t tell about the Butibori hotel. It’s on the highway towards Nagpur and called Hotel Royal Regency. Clean, large and has a bar/restaurant which served us good food. Can opt for it if you are doing a road trip and if you prefer something outside the city.


Started the day with a spicy poha for breakfast and I was sweating for 20 minutes. Interesting to see all road side food carts/stalls are open that early in the morning and saw a restaurant with “breakfast and Chinese food”. Opportunistic thinking and not wasting the space/time and business. Mumbaikars can learn from this.

Long ride to Rewa and Google stated around 545 kms from Butibori. 545 kms on a bullet and on Indian Roads would be difficult but we decided to give it a try. But we decided not to push and try to reach the destination only if time permits. If not, stay at any place where we would be reaching around 6 pm.

Roads from Nagpur to Rewa are one of the best in our country (except for few patches) and mostly 4 lane concrete roads. You can really push your vehicle to its best. I thought I was doing 95 kms per hour but my Google map said I am doing only 82 kms per hour. Even Manish confirmed that I didn’t cross 80 kms at all and he was following me all the time. His speedometer is an electronic one and gives you a better picture than the manual one of bullet. Tried it again to go beyond 95kms but the vehicle started vibrating and stopped doing that. Accepted the  reality and decided to stay within our capabilities.

It was a continuous riding and we decided to have lunch at one of the road side dhaba and took some rest as well. We started again at 2 pm and we are sure of not reaching Rewa by the day end. We short listed couple of other places before Rewa and continued our Journey.

On reaching Jhukegi (don’t laugh and it’s a village in MP), we started seeing dark clouds and lightning. After few minutes, it started raining heavily and we had to stop for 40 minutes. This also reduced our travel time and traveling in the dark (not completely) is also not worth.    

We pushed our bike to reach the nearest destination and reached Maihar at 6:15 pm. Did see hotels but the rooms were not great… After seeing couple of hotels, I realized that this is not a normal town and it gave me the Vaishnodevi feeling. Small and dark rooms, old settings and people calling you to stay at their place doesn’t happen everywhere.

We finalized one of best of all we had seen and got ourselves checked in. Post refreshing, we came down for diner and Manish wanted to have some tandoori food. We couldn’t find one and settled at one of the “Only vegetarian restaurant.” Entire town is “Vegetarian food” only place. Started my conversation with hotel owner and he explained importance of the place.

Maihar is part 51 Shakhti Peethas and mother is called Sharda. Mothers necklace fell on this place and hence called as Maihar (necklace of mother). Got to see road side carts making hot samosas and tea at 9 in the night and this place was vibrant. Faith matters and the entire town survives only because of the Mother Sharda’s beloved followers. For those who don’t know about Shakhti Peethas, please Google and learn your faith.

During my Incredible India by Road -2018 trip, I had visited many Shakhti Peethas & wanted to visit this one as well. After long day riding, my body is not capable of climbing 1063 steps & it would be a Stretch. Felt bad about it but added Maihar to the list of places I have to visit. This list is growing & looks like “incredible India by Road – part 2” needs to be done soon.

Friendly people, great food (had 6 phulkas with Aloo baji and Dal Tadka) and decided to give the body much needed rest. Riding seems to be simple and covering 1300 kms in 3 days is not an easy task. Proper resting is the option to continue further and complete the journey.



Tomorrow’s destination is unknown. We want to reach Patna but we have been told that the road conditions are not that great. Start the ride and take as it comes is the decision.

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