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India to Thailland by road

Wow.what a town Maihar is. Up and running at 5:30 in the morning. Came down to see around and found a tea shop next to my hotel. Didn’t get tea so far at the places (because of early hours we leave) we stayed and having a cup of hot tea first thing in the morning is always great. Town is active with rickshaws taking people to the temple, shops open for breakfast and lots of people on the road. What an atmosphere and I love to live in a place like this (only when it is less
crowded ). If you have faith in god or you like spiritual/pilgrimage places, do plan a visit and I am happy to join provided the schedule fits.

One thing I noticed last night. Unity in diversity is a concept we all have been taught in school and most of us follow that as well. Food across the country is more or less the same with some amount of change for each location according to the taste buds or available ingredients or wearing sarees (material and style differs but not the attire). That’s the not the case with mango or lemon pickle. It taste the same wherever you go in India and not the slightest difference. Very interesting and wonder how people across the country follows the same recipe to make these pickles. That’s what I feel and I am happy to take others views.

Have been having chats with the locals and the following areas needs to be attended as soon as possible.

° Caste difference when it comes to jobs. Believe Mamaji lost MP elections on only this factor (SC/St act dilution and subsequent ordinance). Locals feels that they had done wrong by giving him the defeat but they also feel that he deserves such treatment for ignoring a particular caste. But they still love him.

When compared to South India, North lacks hygiene/cleanliness. Don’t know why but they don’t care about keeping the surroundings clean or making food in hygienic way. Food tastes great but if you see the way it gets prepared, you won’t feel like having it. Same with the case for places. Dirty and Filthy. They need to realize this and get it corrected soon.

Petrol price difference is huge between the states. Price in Mumbai is around 79 whereas it is around 82 in MP. I know the reason but a consistent tax rate (GST) might be the solution. 

We stopped at another road side dhaba and asked for aloo paratha.. I saw them making fresh samosas and It was so good to see and I couldn’t resist. Ordered one and the taste was so good, I managed to finish 3 more.. Weather was brilliant and the samosas went in smoothly.

We needed to reach patna but it’s difficult to achieve that (539 kms). One previous rider informed that roads to varanasi is not great and too many diversions which would slow our riding speed. We decided again to take it as it comes and started our ride. Manish knows a lot about bike and fine tuned mine and added engine oil. Post this, bike became smooth and could ride it freely and spin it the way I want. Manish is a very good companion and got our intercom connected (fixed to our helmets) and we kept talking while riding. It’s better than listening to songs. Whoever rides ahead kept telling the follower about speed breakers, crater like potholes, diversions, cows sitting in the middle of the road (always a bunch occupying 60% of the roads) or a stupid crossing the road without caring for his life and that really helps.

The road between Maihar to Allahabad is super stuff (adding a video but nothing interesting except for the roads) and so far the best during this ride. We reached a mountain top (they call it Shimla of MP) and it’s called Sahogi. We didn’t realize the climb and surprised to see a foggy environment and stopped for some time.. The toll guys came and started talking and they were excited to see us doing this ride. They want us to post YouTube videos so that they can follow our ride. Interesting idea but not happening now. Will give it a try when I am back. Never heard of this place and need to Google to get more information about this place. Sahogi is  unpolluted with excellent weather and a good holiday destination.

On our way to Allahabad, we crossed town called Iradaganj & noticed lots of street side stalls with silver foiled cups. Stopped to check & realized that they were making gulab jamuns. I would have finished lot (if I am not riding) & tasted one (melted like a spoon of butter). Divine is an understatement & do try out gulab jamun if you happen to be in Iradaganj.

Crossed Yamuna River at Allahabad and saw the triveni Sangam from a distance and both the rivers are flowing full. The merging point shows the difference between both the rivers (River Yamuna slightly brownish and Ganges in Green) and again not able to spend time to enjoy the beautiful merger. You don’t need a kumbh mela and Allahabad is always crowded.

Had food at Varanasi (outside the city and didn’t want to enter). Roads between Allahabad and Varanasi (further down till Bihar) are being constructed and you have to take diversions every 5th km (rough patch or muddy roads) and that was tiring. It delayed our journey and we decided to take the night halt at Mohania (Bihar). Staying at Bihar Tourism place and each room is bigger than the Mumbai’s 2 bed room kitchen flat. But badly maintained and we negotiated theprice and brought them down to 1000 rupees.

While filling petrol, my key broke and part got stuck inside. We somehow managed to lock it using the broken key but need to find some solution to rectify this permanently… Nothing to worry about it and hopefully we get it fixed when we reach Siliguri. 

Touched or crossed 4 states (MP is the best so far) and our plan is to start riding towards Siliguri (West Bengal) tomorrow. We feel that we are on schedule to reach Imphal before 30th and hope it goes well without much issues.


India to Thailland by road
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