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Slept well and got up from the bed before the alarm buzzed at 5 am. Looks like my body clock is getting tuned for daily routine. Lots of people have been asking me whether I am doing a solo ride. Good time to get this clarified. A total of 9 people are doing this trip with me. One biker joined me at Nagpur today and the others are expected to join from Imphal. All are coming from different places (Bangalore, Indore, etc..) and everyone is traveling alone for some time before joining the group.  This trip was originally planned for “Imphal to Bangkok to Imphal” and we all are doing the extended rides from our base city on our own. We had the option of shipping the bike to Imphal and taking a flight but we preferred to ride all the way.

We are all expected to join the group by 30-Sep and start from Imphal on 01-Oct. So it’s about covering the distance till 30th and no site seeing or visits are expected to happen till then. I am aware of this (even though I prefer to see places) downside but that’s what it is going to be.  Left early (6:45 am) from Aurangabad and this city is already up and running. That’s surprising for a Sunday and every tea stall i crossed was filled with people. I went to a roadside tea cart and had tea with Parle-G. People look at me and give me a puzzled look. One of them even came and asked me what am I delivering and which company do I work for. Difficult to explain where Cambodia is and I tell some of the “The destination is Singapore when I see a confused look on hearing Cambodia”.

Again a strange look and further questions. Are you going alone, are you going by road all the way, how far it is from that place and why am I doing this. Take
a selfie with them, accept their wishes and move on. Nothing interesting happened today (good or bad)& it was about covering 460kms before sunset. I had decent lunch at one of dhabas. They were about to sleep after lunch & prepared food for me in less than 15 minutes. Eating at such places is really interesting & they do things for you which normally they don’t. When I asked for fresh lime water, he said no first but was
surprised to see 2 glasses on my table(possibly after seeing my tired look). Try out such shady dhabas when u travel(even though look & feel of the place is not great) & u won’t forget the experience.

People living in small villages have better traffic sense than cities or townies. They Wait for you to cross before attempting their move to the other side. Saw a couple of youngsters doing that and it’s impossible to see such sensible behavior in a city. It looks like “People from the city value their time more than their life”.

Pleasant morning, hot afternoon ride and the entire stretch was covered with green fields/flowing rivers and clear blue sky. Installing my GoPro today and hope to get better images from tomorrow. Nothing beats “Traveling by road” and that too during monsoon. I would have stopped at such beautiful Landscapes normally but had to move on because of the distance. Bad roads again and it made me spend at least 2 additional hours on the road. National highways are better than state highways but you won’t get to see the natural surroundings/beautiful lands on any national highway like the ones offered by state highways.

Reached Butibori (a small town outside Nagpur) at 6 pm and Manish Rangdal From Bidar was waiting for me. He is the first one from Bidar to ride to a foreign country and he was given a grand send-off. He had to attend 4 programs organized by different groups (district collector attended one) and told me that the city is celebrating his effort by having posters/banners everywhere. Very interesting to see the videos and pictures and will share one. We spent some time talking (getting that connect which is required for such a long journey) and his family wished me on a video call.

Tomorrow is going to be another long ride (To Rewa in MP) and we would be crossing beautiful places and that includes the tiger reserves…

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