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It’s very essential to know some basic maintenance of bike when you are on a long road trip, and it’s not always possible to stick on to day to day Itinerary.

Our first rear tyre puncher happened 25 km behind Nungba Manipur, finding a service shop in remote places of Manipur is difficult, but we found a shop but it was closed because of Sunday,

we were 140km behind our destination, and there was no other option we got into action, just wanted to fix the tyre and start soon.
It was around 1:45PM we are just about to fix the tyre, but in no time weather changed rapidly and it started to rain.

We rushed to the nearest kind of hotel and had lunch, hoping rain will take a break, but after a couple of hours it started to rain more intensely,
In the same place, we had our evening tea and snacks too but no sign of rain taking leave.

Around 7PM finally, we saw some hopes, but its definitely a big risk to ride through the mountains and forest in Manipur, we discussed and decided to stay back, and asked the shop owner about the nearest hotel to stay, he simply answered there is no such hotel or lodge nearby to stay

Immediately there were many questions running on my mind,
– Where to place a tent.
– How to tackle the cold.
– It was still drizzling and cold, but no sleeping bag so how to stay warm
– can’t even find dry woods.

I asked Manish and Sundar sir about their tent  they simply told they are not carrying any tent.
– my mind voice immediately said, staying in a tent canceled.

But immediately the same person told, he will help us to find someplace to sleep. He took us to the nearest shack and, which belongs to the head of the village.

Oh finally found someplace to stay dry and warm,
And we started the next day a little early.

To Be Continued……..

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